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  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Kitchen Materials

    Published by: The Kitchen Studio Date: November 2023 In kitchen design, there are so many considerations when choosing the materials that go into your project. You must keep in mind your lifestyle, preferences, and the overall aesthetic that you want to achieve. A well-designed kitchen should reflect you and suit your lifestyle and living needs. PHOTOGRAPHY: @STEFBROWNPHOTO How often are you in your space? Light Use: We define these as spaces that are not for your daily use and don’t get a lot of wear and tear. You can have fun with patterns, textures, and mixed materials. We love incorporating custom fluted panels, reeded panels, glass cabinets, and exotic wood veneers. There is also the opportunity to use more delicate counter and flooring materials like hand-crafted butcher's block, natural marble, and patterned floors. Keep in mind these materials typically require additional maintenance. Regular Use: We suggest custom cabinetry made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or hardwood with a flat or recessed door panel. Top off your new cabinets with scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean stone tops. Our most popular option is quartz, a manufactured stone material that can be cut to size for any space. In terms of flooring, we recommend engineered hardwoods, porcelain tiles, and luxury vinyl or SPC (stone plastic composite) planks. PROJECT BY: @MYCITYHOMES High Use: When selecting materials for these spaces, durability, cleanability, and functionality need to be at the top of our minds. Your custom cabinets can be crafted out of solid hardwoods like oak, maple, and walnut. You can even take it further and protect the edges with custom metal trims for impact resistance and style. On the counter, we would suggest a durable stone material such as quartz or sintered stone. These materials offer the beauty of a natural stone without maintenance. Your flooring should have similar properties, which is why we suggest a large format porcelain tile for the stone effect, or wide plank SPC (stone plastic composite) for the wood look. When choosing materials for your new kitchen, it's essential to discuss your daily needs for the space with your designer to ensure a beautiful and functional outcome!

  • New Year, New Trends

    Published by: The Kitchen Studio Date: December 2023 With 2024 approaching quickly, many new styles, designs, and trends will emerge. Here are our predictions for the top kitchen and bath trends of 2024! 1| Marble, Marble, Marble In the new year, we expect to see the resurgence of bold marble veining... in all colors! Not only do we anticipate seeing the traditional whites and greys of Carrera and Calacatta, but we also think that deep browns, reds, greens, and blacks will all be featured as well. The use of natural marble or synthetic alternatives is an impactful way to add a luxurious look to any space, whether it be flooring, countertops, or decorative accents. @talirothdesigns 2| Embracing the New Year with Wood Stains So far, 2023 has been the year of light and natural-looking finishes on white oak. Next year we expect to see the re-introduction of medium brown and black stains. We think the rich look of these colors pairs well with the extremely popular white oak look, as well as off-whites and moody hues. Next year we expect to see medium and dark wood islands with engineered hardwood floors throughout the home. @harris.kenjar @heidicaillierdesign 3| Elevated Spaces with Tile Patterns Bold tiles with a traditional flair are coming back! We are already seeing checkers everywhere this year when it comes to tiled floors and walls. Next year, we think there is going to be an even bigger leap to new mosaic patterns, as well as custom-laid tile patterns. Whether you are redoing your bathroom, or just refreshing your kitchen backsplash, 2024 will be the perfect year to customize! @samsacksdesign @lomillerphoto 4| Colorful Pairings for the New Year We are pleasantly surprised to see the widespread acceptance of bold hues in interior design this year! We think this hot trend will be following us into 2024, allowing for bold wallpaper, wall paint, and colorful cabinetry. Our predicted pairings include deep reds with soft blues, ochre yellows with warm woods, and muted green with pinkish accents. @chantelelshoutdesign @alexanderjamesphoto

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